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Centre for Basic Research (CBR) was established in 1987, registered as an educational trust, and later as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 1988. Its establishment was inspired by concern with the prevailing situation in which more and more local researchers were being drawn into short-run consultancies to meet immediate financial needs, thereby turning long-term research into a prerogative of non-national agencies. CBR has since conducted a significant amount of research and disseminated its research results through publications (books, working papers, occasional papers, workshop proceedings, policy briefs) available in CBR library; workshops, seminars and training.

CBR’s research has been most notable in the areas of democracy and governance, land tenure, environmental issues, agrarian changes, pastoralism, livelihoods, social and economic conditions of Ugandans, including labour, economic reforms and policies, industrialisation, informal sector challenges, and the impact of globalisation. Gender and development, social movements and processes, civil society dynamics, and cultural studies have received particular attention in CBR’s research work.

From its inception, CBR has trained its own researchers in various skills that have included research methods and computer applications, through a number of short courses and training workshops. Of recent, CBR’s research capacity building capabilities have been extended outside of CBR through intensive training programmes to affiliated organizations and groups of individuals. The programme has greatly contributed towards creating a critical pool of practitioners and researchers who can carry on with the critical task of knowledge production and dissemination for socio-economic transformation of Uganda and beyond. .


Over the years, the number of research fellows on the CBR research team has grown from 8 founding members to more than 30.

CBR holds occasional seminars at its premises where various scholars and researchers present their initial proposals,field and/or desk research findings for peer reviewing. Whereas CBR supports these presentations the contents thereof are solely views of the presenters.
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The Library

CBR Library holds a diverse collection of information materials that include: books/monographs; journals and magazines; research papers and reports; unpublished materials; theses and dissertations; DVDs and CD-ROMs, etc. Our current database holds 16386 entries and continues to grow.
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